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The Sun in Scorpio:
Fall Cleaning

Shed your soul while the Sun and Saturn move through Scorpio

Jeff Jawer
scorpio zodiac sign symbol

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23, initiating a descent into the depths of our emotions and the mystery of our soul's purpose. While some do this with fear, this sign is not designed to cause pain, but to eliminate outmoded habits, reconnect with the seeds of life and become more fully alive.

It may seem odd to connect this inward turn of awareness with the power of life. The bare trees and shorter days ahead appear barren and lifeless. Yet this is a turning point when we decide whether to continue on our current paths or to give up the ghost. The investments we've made in relationships, careers and in our ambitions and dreams will encounter contracting forces that require even more commitment to sustain them or to elect to let them go. Will we blindly forge ahead as before, or will we challenge ourselves more deeply to recognize the goals that are leading us nowhere? That is the question. Your 30-day Personalized Astrology Forecast can provide insight into how this time period will impact you. 

These important decisions begin on an unconscious level because Scorpio is an emotional Water sign whose seeds are sown beyond the rational confines of the mind. It is by our instincts that the stage is set for what we choose to keep throughout the winter months to come. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, of resurrection and regeneration. Its key is learning where to let go in order to grow. Releasing unfulfilled hopes and giving up on people and plans isn't easy. Our egos are attached to the promises we've made to ourselves and others, and most of the time the ego wins.

Saturn in Scorpio raises the stakes

This year's solar journey through Scorpio is the last time it will coincide with Saturn, the planet of karma and crystallization, also in Scorpio; he moves on to Sagittarius in December 2014. With Saturn in Scorpio, the stakes in the games we play are higher as the cost of inaction increases, but the rewards of clarity and consciousness are growing just as much. There will be choices made personally and collectively that will set in motion patterns that can shape our worlds for decades.

We live in acquisitive times, when having more and doing more are associated with success. Yet the never-ending hunger to accumulate objects and experiences can never be fully satisfied. We can shoot hundreds of photographs on digital cameras without taking the time to deeply examine any one of them. We have thousands of television stations, millions of books and an ever increasing number of websites to fill our heads with images and ideas. We collect information like some people collect clothes, filling the closets of our minds, yet feeling like we have nothing to wear.

Cleaning house

The Sun in Scorpio is a time to empty our drawers of fading dreams, to turn our pockets inside out and our purses upside down to look at what we're carrying that we no longer need. This is not a form of sacrifice; it is a gift to ourselves. When we put down the loads of desire, doubt and unrewarding tasks we carry, we open ourselves to receive the wisdom, joy and pleasure of what we really need. These acts of personal liberation become models for other individuals and for institutions that appear to shape society. Corporations, governments and churches stuck with corruption, waste and destructive habits need us to show them the way and help all of us to to become free, happy and put on the path to achieve our highest potential.

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