Venus in Aquarius

Love gets more intellectual ... and electric!

planet venus with aquarius symbol

Love is unpredictable, but knowing a little Astrology can give us insider information about what to expect.

When Venus, the planet of pleasure and relationships, enters the breezy sign of Aquarius on December 7, 2016, the boundaries between friendship and romance will be broken and intimacy takes on a lighter form. This is an ideal time to free yourself to love, or to love more openly within your relationships. The planet of love and desire in this sign of idealism and creativity puts an unconventional -- even experimental -- flair on romance, and opens our minds about how and who we love.

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While Venus is in Aquarius, it's easier to see that there truly are no rules in romance, making this the perfect time to question your long-held beliefs about relationships and revise what isn't working for you. Explore the idea that there are many levels of intimacy beyond sex; Aquarius strives to bring out the best in us and our interpersonal connections.

Consider the intensity of affection you feel for all the people in your life. Aquarius' optimistic approach can point out better ways to strengthen our social connections and express our feelings in more interesting ways. If you're single, look around -- there may be potential partners you've overlooked! Someone you've previously written off as "just a friend" could be your perfect match. Because Aquarius is a somewhat philosophical sign, this is also a great time to ask yourself whether you truly want a significant other, or simply a lover.

If you're happily coupled off, you might find that you and your sweetheart feel a lot freer to be individuals within your relationship. If neediness has been an issue for you, Venus in Aquarius makes it clear that pursuing your own passions separately enriches what you bring back to the relationship.

Do keep in mind that Aquarius is more about the head than the heart, so if you notice less sentimentality floating around in your relationship, have no fear -- it's a natural side effect of Venus in Aquarius. But while you and your partner (or love interest) may be doing more conversing than cuddling now, expect the unexpected: Aquarius likes to keep things spicy and unpredictable, and passionate Venus definitely won't argue!

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