Venus in Capricorn: Working for Love

The business of love in coming weeks

Venus in Capricorn: Working for love

Expect a fresh look at relationships and self-worth issues during the next couple of weeks. You can get personal predictions for what's ahead with a 30-Day Astrology Forecast, but the action starts on Tuesday, January 8, when alluring Venus enters hardworking Capricorn and romance becomes bound by rules.

This is an intentional process rather than just falling in love. It's as if this is an involuntary process over which we have no control. The idea of being so attracted to someone that emotion takes over and all we have to do is follow its lead to eternal bliss is understandably appealing. It eliminates the work of thinking, planning and building a relationship over time, and it makes us feel like winners in the lottery of love. At least that's what Hollywood taught us.

Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune

Venus in Capricorn is another story, though. It's about earning trust, which requires time and effort. The first part, however, is not about impressing anyone else; it's about respecting and trusting ourselves. The love planet's presence in this responsible Earth sign makes discipline, commitment and patience sexy and appealing. Recognizing your own worth based on the progress you've made and the lessons that you've learned is the foundation for successful relationships with Venus in Capricorn. The road to love, pleasure and approval, though, turns bumpy from January 12-17.

Oh, the journey starts off sweetly enough with Venus' supportive sextile to tender and imaginative Neptune on January 9. This is a lovely alignment of intention and self-control (Venus in Capricorn) with the sweet surrender of Neptune in Pisces. Sounds like the best of both worlds and an ideal environment for establishing a romantic mood. But the dreamy and forgiving feel of this aspect quickly gives way to more complex social patterns.

Uranus square Pluto

Darling Venus, all grown up in responsible Capricorn, runs into the cosmic storm of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, the transformational aspect that lasts from 2012 until 2015. Venus forms an edgy square with volatile Uranus on January 12 and joins pressure-packed Pluto on January 16. These are aspects that can provoke strange attractions and sudden shifts of mood, as well as intense desires and profound mistrust. On the plus side, unspoken issues can rise to the surface to be addressed openly, which helps to break relationship habits, adding new interest to an ongoing alliance or opening the way to a new one.

The control we seek with Venus in Capricorn is disturbed by these transits because they are meant to teach us to appreciate change. Shifts of values and tastes are gateways to greater tolerance, and they help us discover personal and professional opportunities in these transitional times.

Some people may feel as if they're going over the edge, but a safety net opens on January 17 when Venus sextiles security-conscious Saturn. This positive aspect connects attraction and order in a well-balanced way, enabling us to regain emotional equilibrium if we've lost it and to manage radical change if it's desirable.

Either way, being responsible without becoming rigid produces a fertile field in which love can grow.

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