Venus in Pisces

Dream a little dream with me

planet venus with pisces zodiac sign symbol

Venus is in a happy place when she visits Pisces. In fact, astrologers have a fancy name called "exaltation," which basically stands for a planet being in a sign it holds in especially high regard. That sign is able to help the planet express the very best of what it represents.

When Venus enters Pisces on January 3, 2017, love is expressed unconditionally -- without boundaries. Love has an ability to transcend all physical limitations and can flow in the most beautiful, ethereal way.

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Venus rules beauty and art, so while she's in imaginative Pisces, the most sublime creative potential is available. Pisces is quite sensitive to the suffering of others and while Venus is here, a special love for helping those in need will take over. Compassion is aroused. You may feel more romantic than usual and have faith in the potential of a love relationship -- even if there isn't any substance to it. As a result, you can feel deep love in the spiritual sense for someone, regardless of whether or not it turns physical.

Venus in Pisces is the fairy tale love experience. This is the placement where we yearn for a deep soul mate connection. Sometimes, when Venus is in Pisces, there can be so much idealism connected to the love nature that we overlook a vital flaw in the character of our beloved. After all, this is unconditional love. No judgment here.

Expect to feel more love drunk than usual while Venus is in Pisces. You want to fall in love, be in love, and merge with your lover. When it comes to the money side of Venus in Pisces, it's a great time to cultivate one of your imaginative or spiritual pursuits and consider how you could monetize it. Venus in Pisces however, is not all about the almighty dollar. This placement would rather do something charitable with her gifts. Still, because of her incredible sense of faith in the universe and her talents, when Venus is in Pisces, money tends to flow.

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