Venus In Scorpio 2013: To Love or To Shove?

Get ready to get to the heart of matters with this intense planetary move...

venus in scorpio and their relationship

The Black Widow. The mistress. The prostitute. Skeletons in your romantic closet. Secretive about money and love. A sexy, magnetic, deliciously irresistible intimate encounter. A healing, transforming, bonding intimate experience. Venus in Scorpio has the power to elicit all of this ... and more.

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Venus rules love, money and our social graces. Scorpio is all about hidden agenda and emotional penetration. Scorpio is the quiet one in the corner who knows the motivation of everyone in the room without saying a word to anyone. Venus in Scorpio can bring about a cutting romantic experience and deeply intimate ties to power struggles with money and love matters. Venus in Scorpio can also be extremely suspicious of others, almost expecting betrayal and lies. Because of this, she is quite protective and controlling. She fiercely guards her secrets as well. After all, she knows that they provide incredible ammunition to enemies that may try to hurt her ... or her heart. Symbolically, Venus in Scorpio will be the sexy seductress who sleeps with a knife underneath her pillow. Just in case.

But it's not all sting...

The beautiful side of Venus in Scorpio reveals itself when she can open her heart up enough to be vulnerable and (gasp!) trust. Love can be all consuming and she will be loyal to the death. While Venus tours Scorpio you'll have no fear about going deep into love. In fact, you'll crave a certain amount of depth and intimacy. If it's a casual affair you're not interested. If it's an obsession however, you're all in. When Venus is in Scorpio the subtle power plays in love and money matters become more obvious in our lives. You might have a stronger interest in making financial investments or decisions about loans, venture capital, insurance etc...

This time around, Venus will be in Scorpio from September 11 to October 7, 2013. During this stretch, Venus will make supportive and challenging aspects to other planets in the sky eliciting the best -- and worst -- of her power.

The highs and lows

On September 14 love will be sheer bliss thanks to a perfect trine Venus will make to Neptune in Pisces. This watery, sensitive combination will help support idealism, faith and trust in love which will soften Venus in Scorpio's edge. In addition, when it comes to money and love, you can bet on what your intuition is telling you. Just listen.

On September 18 Venus will be conjunct Saturn in Scorpio and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This adds to the gorgeous potential for strength in love. If you've been afraid to truly reveal yourself to your lover -- and get naked on a soul level -- with this cycle of Venus in Scorpio you're about to shed that fear, possibly for good. This is extraordinary support to deepen an existing commitment or forge a new one with someone you've recently started to date. In terms of financial opportunity, the days between September 14 and 18 are stunning for investments and business decisions. Ask for venture capital, call a creditor, or negotiate the percentage you pay in interest ... you get the idea. Make these aspects work for you!

On September 26 it will reach a peak of goodness as Venus makes a trine to Jupiter, now in Cancer. Jupiter and Venus are the great influencers of the zodiac, and when they are together, it usually means all good things. Expect emotional expansiveness, more financial growth opportunity and yes, of course, love.

The dance of the cosmic lovers

Unfortunately, the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, will get into the boxing ring a couple days later, on September 28. With this tense square it's possible that your suspicious antennae will flare up and a battle of the wills may ensue. Try not to take this out of perspective -- especially in light of the mostly winning positive aspects Venus makes this time around. See it as a bump in the road that will ultimately bring you closer.

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