The Benefit of Rose-Colored Glasses

Letting love in with Venus in Virgo

There are three things I learned from Martha Stewart: How to flawlessly score a mango, how to seamlessly fold a fitted sheet, and that no matter how hard I try I'll never be perfect.

Martha was born with Venus in Virgo -- which is the sign Venus will be in from October 8 - November 8. People born with the planet of love, beauty, self-worth and talents in the most discerning sign are known to have their Venus in a not so happy astrological position. This is called its "fall."

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With Venus in this "fall" position, it becomes difficult for Venus to express her Venusian best because, well, Virgo is just so darn self-effacing. Self-deprecating, even. Venus wants to schmooze. She wants to get all dressed up, put on a little lipstick and sing "I Feel Pretty" to the world.

In Virgo however, this becomes impossible. Virgo is the librarian with a ruler-straight back, tight bun in her hair and studious eyes that are busy perfecting her craft through thick, unsightly spectacles. Virgo doesn't have time or patience for all of Venus' flights of fancy. Nah, she's got work to do.

When Venus tours Virgo in a birth chart, the love nature becomes extremely discriminatory. This sign feels that if she can't have love that's perfect, she'd rather have no love at all. In fact, Venus in Virgo tends to be more in love with work and service than love.

Until now, however.

Life is about to get good for Venus in Virgo folks

As an astrologer, I have noticed a fascinating trend among clients who have Venus in Virgo natally. It has to do with the planet Neptune. Neptune in Astrology transcends boundaries, blurs lines and opens us up to the impossible.

With Neptune in Pisces these days -- the sign opposite Virgo -- anyone with Venus in Virgo in their birth chart will go through a fascinating transit sometime over the next several years. This opposition will lead their straight-laced Venus (who insists on coloring in the lines) to suddenly find that those clearly defined lines are muddled.

And, ironically, they'll be ok with it. In fact, Venus in Virgo folks might even feel inspired for the first time in their lives to live, love and be without their signature style of daunting criticism.

It's a good thing.

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