Paul Obrien

I Ching expert and founder

I Ching Expert and Founder Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien is not only's I Ching scholar ... he's also the website's founder! He founded and its parent company Visionary Networks in 1988, and he hasn't stopped innovating since. Paul was a forerunner in the world of electronic divination, and he continues to steer in its course as the web's most authentic online divination presence. Giving humanity do-it-yourself access to authentic divination systems is Paul's life's work.

Paul's involvement with classical oracle systems began as a teenager. He skeptically tossed the I Ching for the first time, and his question was ignored. Instead, he received Hexagram #4: "Youthful Folly." Chalking it up to chance, he tried again and received a line that "questioned the sincerity of the seeker," ignoring his ego-driven query. He was stunned ... and converted.

In 1988, after fifteen years in software creation and marketing, he took a leap from a lucrative VP position to founding Visionary Software, publishing the world's first interactive divination software program. In 1994 he sold the company, began working on the next generation of interactive divination CD-ROMs, and launched the company that would become Visionary Networks and

Sun Sign: Gemini
Rising Sign: Leo
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Food: Sushi (Unagi, to be precise!)
Favorite Non-Fiction: Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch, Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes
Favorite Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke