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Weekend Love Horoscope

November 27-29: Mommy issues

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The Moon in Cancer this weekend might leave you feeling more in the mood for emotional comforts than anything else. You may be searching for a "mommy" in your love relationship, or someone to nurture and take care of you. If this happens, be aware of it. In some cases you may realize that the reason you're with the person you're with is because he or she makes you feel safe and secure. This isn't necessarily a bad thing -- a healthy balance of interdependence can be quite normal. But if you're giving away your sense of self and spending too much time in the role of the child, then you need to realize something is wrong. That's not a healthy relationship.

Sunday's Sun square to Neptune and its conjunction to Saturn will amplify any confusion or frustration about who you are when you're with your lover.

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This Weekend's Romantic Rating*

Weekend Love Horoscope

* Heart ratings are based on the lunar cycle. They range from low to full, with low indicating a rocky weekend for romance and full indicating plenty of passionate potential.

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