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When something's been going strong for 4,000 years, it's hard to doubt it. And in the case of the ancient I Ching oracle, you shouldn't! Toss the coins and let the I Ching guide you whenever you're not sure which way to go next. Our interactive online I Ching readings and tools give you ancient wisdom for the modern world.

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Paul O'Brien founder and I Ching master

Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien is not only's I Ching scholar ... he's also the website's founder! He created Visionary Networks in 1988, which eventually became the we have today, and he hasn't stopped innovating since. Not only was Paul a forerunner in the world of electronic divination, he studied yoga and meditation in the monasteries and ashrams of Southern Asia. He was trained as a Buddhist meditation teacher and traveled the world as the teaching assistant to a famous Buddhist nun. His passion for divination and love of the I Ching organically manifested into what is now the web's most authentic online divination presence.