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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Receive in-depth guidance and a greater understanding of any situation in your life with this classic 10-Card Tarot reading. Learn More

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Description

The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is one of the most popular and time-tested spreads. Using 10 Tarot card positions, a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading can delve into even the most complex situations.

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread consists of a cross shape on the left made up of six Tarot cards, and a staff shape on the right with four Tarot cards. The cross includes insight into outer events and their impact on your past, present and future, your personal influences, and the issues that are happening right now. The staff shape -- like a ladder -- represents ideas and advice to lift you from the plane of dilemma to a higher plane of resolution.

Card Positions

Recent Past
Higher Power
Near Future
Blockers & Inhibitions
Long-term Potential


top side of Tarot reading table
bottom side of Tarot reading table