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Our Tarot Experts

Tarotcom Staff
Our Tarot Experts

Meet the Tarot experts:

Christine Payne-Towler

In our desire to align ourselves with the world's most authentic Tarot wisdom, Visionary Networks was fortunate to know Christine Payne-Towler from appearances on Paul O'Brien's Pathways Radio program. Not only is she a gifted reader who adds deep psychology and hard-won wisdom to her Tarot readings, Christine is a world-class Tarot scholar with an encyclopedic knowledge of Tarot's origins and evolution. She has been featured on many broadcasts and is the author of The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Unveiled, a book on the history and deeper meanings of Tarot decks and cards. More »

Mary K. Greer

Mary K. Greer is an author, teacher and award-winning Tarot expert with over 40 years of divinatory experience. She is featured at Tarot conferences the world over and is an Arch-Priestess/Hierophant in the prestigious Fellowship of Isis Tarot organization. Mary's work and her eight books on Tarot have garnered her many awards, including Best Divination Book from the Coalition of Visionary Resources, the 2006 Mercury Award for excellence in communication in the metaphysical field, and the International Tarot Lifetime Achievement award in 2007. More »

A.T. Mann is extremely pleased to offer our new series of Mandala Tarot readings by Tad Mann, creative practitioner, teacher, author, artist and counselor. He received a five-year B.Arch. degree from Cornell University and worked as an award-winning architectural designer for major firms in New York City and Rome, Italy. He lived in England and Denmark for 26 years and now lives in Hudson, NY. More »

Lori Lothian

Lori Lothian began the study of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology 20 years ago while living in New York City, incorporating these skills with her lifelong clairvoyant ability. More »

Isha Lerner

Isha Lerner is an international astrologer, Tarot scholar, consultant, flower essence practitioner and owner of the Power of Flowers Essence Company. She has lectured internationally and is well known for her expertise and research into fairy tale mythology, the study of archetype and the symbolic association of the human soul and nature. More »

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