Mercury in Scorpio

Thoughts get deep with Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio

Mental Mercury, planet of communication, moves into scorching Scorpio on October 24, 2016, signaling a time when our thoughts become deeply serious -- and if we aren't careful, perhaps even paranoid!

Mercury in Scorpio can be challenging, because Mercury wants to talk and share, while Scorpio is an emotional, yet very private sign. This means that anything can happen and tempers could get hot if we push too hard for answers -- and push we will.

This transit wants to get to the heart of matters and find out the truth in every situation -- love, work and life in general. So we'll find ourselves digging into the depths of one another's emotions, and also exploring life's mysteries.

Our "need to know" during this time results in questions ranging from "Do you love me?" to "What is the meaning of life," and if we don't get answers it's possible we'll become suspicious or mistrusting.

That said, Mercury in Scorpio can also foster greater intimacy. Because we're more willing to ask the really hard questions, we might finally get the answers we need to grow closer in the process.

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