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Planet Tracker

Mercury in Gemini

Apr 30, 2015 to Jul 8, 2015

Planet Tracker: Mercury

Mercury, the dualistic planet of communication, has two home signs: Gemini and Virgo. Its stay in one of them, Gemini, opens a door to clear seeing, objectivity and mental flexibility. Take in Mercury's breath of fresh Gemini air, and let curiosity teach your mind how to be young again.

Gemini is an air sign associated with cool detachment and reason. Air signs (Libra and Aquarius are the others) love to watch and comment, but don't like to get their hands dirty or their emotions overheated. With less interference from feelings, Mercury is able to do its job of collecting and passing along information quite well at this time.

Both Mercury and Gemini are into data, leaving philosophy, meaning and big picture concerns to others. This means that talk may come more easily for all of us now, even though real truth could be hard to find. This is a time when reality comes in more than one flavor. Facts, compelling as they might be, do not necessarily equal wisdom.

Diverse ideas are more common now, which could easily lead to distraction. Staying on track and prioritizing may require some extra attention.

Mercury in the sign of the Twins is common in the charts of songwriters such as Paul McCartney, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson and the Gemini formerly known as Prince. Gifted communicators among actors with this combination include Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep (the queen of accents), Rupert Everett, Dennis Hopper, Helen Hunt, Marilyn Monroe, Courtney Cox Arquette and Sandra Bernhard.

Athletic agility, particularly related to Mercury-ruled hands, is obvious for Joe Montana, Sugar Ray Leonard, Steffi Graf and Marvin Hagler. Basketballer Dennis Rodman is a Merc in Gemini whose mouth has frerquently gotten him into trouble.

Political talkers in this group include Newt Gingrich, Ross Perot, Henry Kissinger and Mario Cuomonot a shy one among them. And, for some strange reason, Mercury in Gemini includes more than its fair share of murderous bad boys: John Hinkley, Mark David Chapman and Jeffrey Dahmer.

Fortunately, the soul is not bound by the symbol. The mystery of life is that given the same equipment, individuals will use it quite differently. The Dalai Lama, born with Mercury in Gemini, is a luminous reminder of the clarity and compassion that can be held within one human mind and heart.

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