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Planet Tracker

Mercury in Aries

Apr 7, 2014 to Apr 23, 2014

Planet Tracker: Mercury

Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, represents communication and intellectual perception. It was also known as Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods. Its passage through Aries marks a time when ideas move quickly and words tend flow without reflection.

The great potential of this period is the increased possibilties for new concepts and perspectives. Aries, the fiery first sign of the zodiac, opens doors through which others will follow. Pioneering thinking is about pushing the envelope. It's not Aries' job to substantiate its case. It is, rather, to spark the imagination and open a new world of possiblities.

The mind may grow more restless or impatient at this time. Standing still or going over the old mental ground can become increasingly uncomfortable. Attack an issue, make a bridgehead and then get on to the next thing.

Communication may be marked by new styles and methods, as well as a lack of objectivity. Aries, after all, is about "me," not you or us. My ideas, my mind and my need to express myself help reveal true personal needs, but can prove challenging when co-operation and compromise are required. Aggressive speech may come too easily, so temper these impulses, if you can.

Mercury was in Aries when Shaquille O'Neal, Pete Rose, Eric Clapton, Quentin Tarantino and Jerry Lewis were born, as it was for Coretta Scott King, Tracy Chapman and divas Diana Ross and Mariah Carey.

Actresses Michelle Pfeiffer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Thompson, Ashley Judd and Ellen Barkin have Mercury in Aries in their birth charts. Actors Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, James Caan, William Shatner, Christopher Walken and Robert Downey Jr. are also part of this energetic group.

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