Uranus in Aries

Your personal revolution is underway

Uranus in Aries

Uranus, the planet of sudden change and revolution, entered Aries for the first time in 84 years in May of 2010, and it will remain there until March of 2019. By now, we're all quite settled into this cosmic shift. Yes, that sounds oxymoronic, because with Uranus in Aries there's really nothing "settling" about it.

In fact, Uranus in Aries is meant to spur you into action. And if you need help getting started, you can start with a Life Purpose Astrology report.

Since last year there has been much emphasis on the famous Uranus-Pluto squares that will continue throughout 2015, so you might have lost sight of what Uranus in Aries in its pure, unaltered form is really all about.

What does Uranus in Aries mean for you and the rest of the world on a personal level? Let's explore ...

It's a cosmic wake-up call

Uranus is known as the "great awakener" for a good reason. We all tend to fall into cycles at various times that leave us on autopilot. Perhaps we even fall asleep at the wheel and merely exist for a long stretch, avoiding a change because … well … that would be uncomfortable. It's easy to stay glued to your couch wearing your favorite sweats and eating ice cream out of the carton, isn't it?

This "couch potato" phenomenon can happen in a variety of life arenas -- career, relationship or even in our spiritual path. Well, the universe has a cosmic check point for us every now and then, when he knows this tendency is getting way out of hand.  It's called Uranus.

When the planet of sudden revolution touches our chart in a personal way we are jolted right out of any semi-coma state. Even if we didn't want to be. Especially if we didn't want to be. We're forced to feel alive again and reclaim our sense of individuality and personal pizazz. Ironically, once we get over the shock to our system we tend to realize that this planet is not the enemy, stagnation is.

Now's the time to reinvent yourself

Quite possibly more than any other sign, when Uranus tours Aries we'll all receive a cosmic jolt back to ourselves. You might have lost your true identity somewhere along the way or, for whatever reason, decided to shove it in a corner. Uranus in Aries will change everything.

Now it's time to make a radical change with the self and embrace whatever it is about our energy that reflects an independent spirit and higher mind (Uranus rules the higher mind).  With Aries, you'll need to do this sooner rather than later.

Yes, it's time to invent YOU.

Uranus in Aries is extremely potent when it comes to this relentless, power-driven, even selfish energy. You may have little tolerance for anyone who threatens to step on the toes of your identity.  You may feel impatient or even angry at the slightest indication of someone or something impeding your ability to express your pioneering spirit. If this happens, watch out! Nothing will stand in the way of your personal revolution, and this is where life can get dicey.

Still, while Uranus tours Aries we not only get to wake up and remember who we think we are, we'll have the guts to live our lives more authentically then we ever imagined. This is definitely your opportunity for personal revolution. It's time to get your butt off the couch and make it count!

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