Venus Opposite Saturn

Keep it real when Saturn restricts the planet of love

Venus Opposite Saturn

When Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio on Monday, April 22, the message is loud and clear: When it comes to love and money, it's time to "keep it real."

Venus makes an opposition aspect to Saturn about once a year and it affects all of us, but Saturn also opposes your natal Venus in your birth chart about once every 14 years, which is a really big deal for your love life. You can find out if this is coming up for you personally in a Big Picture Love Forecast.

When Venus opposes Saturn in the sky this week it might feel like a "Debbie Downer" kind of day. But at the same time it may also be a sobriety test for us. Saturn is the planet of restriction and limitation, yet Saturn is also the planet that teaches us to build foundations. Without structure, everything would crumble.

The "ick" factor of Venus opposite Saturn

It's possible you'll feel a sense of heaviness when it comes to a vital financial decision or romantic relationship for a couple of days -- but it's not always meant to be all fun and games. After all, someone has to pay the mortgage, and when it comes to love it's not always about roses and chocolate. Saturn will remind us of this fact.

There may be a sense of conflict over wanting to enjoy the pleasures of life (Venus) versus having to tend to your obligations and commitments (Saturn). Perhaps you're a single parent and really want to go on a date with someone special. Well, with Venus opposite Saturn, it's possible you won't find a sitter or that the sitter will call halfway through your dream date to let you know your kid is throwing up all over the living room. Yeah, feel that "ick" moment? That's Venus-Saturn.

Same goes with money. You might really want to purchase that $700 designer bag, and perhaps you've even squirreled away enough cash to make it happen. Then, just as you're ready to buy it, your car dies. Bye-bye, Prada, hello mechanic.

Venus opposite Saturn isn't trying to make your life miserable, but it is a reminder that there needs to be a balance between pleasure and duty. The more you handle this transit with realism and responsibility, the easier it'll be. In the grown-up world, life is never 100 percent about pleasure, but if you pay your bills, do your chores and take care of who depends on you, the moments you can be free to enjoy will become even more treasured.

Transiting Saturn opposite Venus in your birth chart

So what happens when transiting Saturn opposes your natal Venus? This transit, which occurs about every 14 years, is whole different ballgame. Why? Because now we're talking karma.

Saturn transits that aspect one of your personal planets suggest that it's time for you to tackle a karmic lesson. With your natal Venus, it goes without saying that these lessons will focus on love, money and your self-worth concept.

With the transit of Saturn opposite your natal Venus, love seems harder to reach. If you're in a relationship you may feel a significant test. Things between you and your mate are not as carefree, and either you or your partner might appear to have significantly less enthusiasm about your relationship.

This is a karmic time of coming to terms with whether or not your union can stand the test of time and weather a more difficult cycle. The part of wedding vows that declare "in good times and bad times" will come to life now. Love is easy when there are good times, but when love is challenging, well, that's the true test of commitment.

Saturn's love lessons

If you're not in a relationship, this transit usually does not produce romantic opportunity. In fact, it may be a karmic time of going it alone and examining what you feel you deserve when it comes to love. Remember, we accept the love we think we deserve. Are you short-changing yourself? Now is the time to consider this question.

There may be bouts of loneliness during this transit, even if you're in a relationship. A distinct feeling of not belonging to the world of coupledom may overwhelm you at times. If you're in a relationship, the demands placed on you by your spouse or partner may be extra heavy during this transit. Indeed, this is a time of karmic balancing when it comes to love -- possibly from other lifetimes.

When it comes to money, you may need to learn how to do more with less. At the same time, however, you're learning to become serious about your talents and you'll learn to value them. What are you worth? This transit teaches you to work hard in order to answer that question.

Eventually, if you do the work, Saturn will reward you -- financially, in love and with a healthier self-worth concept. 

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