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Leapfrogging Into The Future

Hans Decoz
Leapfrogging into the future from Hans Decoz's Blog

You would realize, for example, that mankind has evolved in ways we rarely think about. Not only has the power of our minds grown, so has the power of our hearts. However, the focus has been far more on the mind than the heart. And yet, the heart also has evolved. Outrageously cruel and cold-hearted people still exist, but if there was such a thing as a measurable and defined HQ (Heart Quotient), I am sure our median and average HQ has improved dramatically since The Evolutionator (yes, I made that up) first placed some primitive test models on this planet, just as our IQ has evolved and improved. (When I read one of those books about mammoth hunters or other humanoids doing their thing a million years ago, and the author lets those Neanderthals have sophisticated conversations and modern-day romances, I cringe. I mean, how do you even produce a rational thought when you don’t have a language?)

And this is my point. As a society, we focus on the mind as our gateway to salvation. We need inventions. We need solutions. We need discoveries. We need information, more and more and more information. And what’s that going to do? If we can’t have peace and prosperity world-wide with all the technology and information we already have today, do you think a bit more of that will bring us peace and happiness? I don’t really think so.

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