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A Binary God

Hans Decoz

If you are looking at a computer screen, holding an iPhone, manipulating the controls of a car, paying with a credit card, riding an elevator, waiting for a stop sign, or just doing nothing, you are busy toying with the mother of all answers: binary numbers!

One and zero. Something versus nothing. Yes or no. On or off. It's all the same in the world of binary numbers, where only the one and the zero exist. Which brings us to a very basic question. "Is there a difference?"

Answer: "If zero (0 -- nothing, off, no, negative, absolute emptiness, zilch, nada, the lack of anything, whatever you want to call it) exists, it must have energy, or matter, or both. If one (1 -- something, on, yes, positive, plus, the presence of something, whatever it is) exists, it has energy, or matter, or both. Therefore, nothing is something, off is on, no is yes, the lack of anything is still something." There is no difference. The existence of even one tiny particle (much less a universe filled with them) proves that nothingness can't exist -- never has, never will, not ever! And that, dear friend, is proof that God exists. For the simple reason that even if God doesn't exist, He still exists.

If you think this is ludicrous and weird, and totally illogical, think again. It's impossible for there to ever have been a state of true nothingness (atheists, go bend your heads in shame). And therefore, God exists. God may not be anything remotely like what you imagine Him to be, but then again, perhaps He is. I am not interested in arguing whether He looks like this or like that. I just wanted (note, please, that I am using past sense) to know that He exists.

Being a simple dreamer, I will just name Him "One" (or "1").

Some people think I am a blasphemous person, that I am putting Him down. Not so, because I am giving Him the credit He deserves. No number can exist without the 1. Every number, no matter how large and powerful, is nothing more than that many times 1. The 1 is everywhere, controls everything. Anything that exists, energy or matter, you, me, the world around us, exists only by the grace of 1. And so you, dear reader, exist only by the grace of 1. (Remember, the 1 being a symbolic representation of the first and only true building block of everything in this creation).

Which begs the question: If I am made of 1, if everything I am is, in some form or fashion, 1, and if 1 = God, shouldn't it be possible then to know 1, to feel it, to sense it, to communicate with it, to truly and surely "be" it?

The answer is yes. Not only that, but "The End" we are so anxiously awaiting is the end of us NOT KNOWING this. The end of our ignorance. Nothing else matters one iota!

Here you are: A thinking, conscious being, in need of one thing and one thing only. To merge that consciousness, that identity you call "I am", with the one and only thing that has always been, will always be, and is responsible for everything else that is. That's it, that's your immortality in a nutshell. A climax if there ever was one. That mysterious void you sometimes feel inside of you, no matter what else is going on in your life, that's what that is...

You reaching out to Him, to "1".
You, whatever your number is, recognizing you are nothing more than that many times 1.
You, who are made of 1, and only 1.
You, trying to feel the reality of that 1.
You, trying to connect with that 1.
You, knowing deep down inside that 1 is what you are and what you want to be.
You, aware on some level, that if you could just get to know 1, you would be free forever, that everything would always be alright.
You, looking for your immortal soul, as you were supposed to do, since you took your first breath. And will, whether you like it or not, continue to do until your last breath.
You, blessed beyond any measure, because you are nothing but 1. No matter who or what you think you are, you are infinitely more than that.

Congratulations. Now wake up, go find 1. You can do it.You were designed for the job.

This creation, in some form, will always exist. Even if it's nothing more than a hot and fiery tennis ball weighing a trillion times a trillion tons. We'll just be a lot closer to each other.

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