Introducing... Sagittarius

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Introducing... Sagittarius

Believe it or not, Sagittarius was the first of our characters we developed when we set out on this adventure. As you can see, our Sagittarius character has really evolved through the creation process!

You can see the new Sagittarius zodiac character for 2015 here, and take a look at our old designs below to see how this fiery zodiac character has evolved.

Meet our 2015 Sagittarius character and see all the new designs here »

Being the most adventurous sign of the Zodiac it only seemed to make sense.



Sagittarius is often portrayed as a centaur with a bow and arrow. We knew we wanted to give emphasis to his bow and arrow but also wanted to be sure that it wasn't necessarily in the pulled position. Sagittarius is the guest who you never expect to show up at the party and surprises you when he does. He charms guest with his worldly know-how and seeks to start intellectual debates by shooting an arrow of controversy smack dab in the middle of the party. He'll smile and stand back as the sparks of conversation start to fly. Our little troublemaker loves to see how he can get a rise out of any group! We wanted to convey that in the gesture, and physical presence of our Sagittarius so we made his gesture and face more relaxed. His arrow is loosely slung over his shoulder vs. hunters seeking a target.

Physical Characteristics

Traditionally centaurs are defined as half-horse half-man so we originally started our sketches in the direction of a burlier horsed centaur. We really struggled with that approach because true Sagittarius' are lean, agile, and worldly. The large bottomed horse was bogging down our adventurer and making far too much noise in our Zodiac universe. We know our Sagittarius would be more worldly, agile and quick, so we decide to take liberties with our centaur and make him a new species of woodland horse.

Based loosely off a stag, we added antlers to his head and simplified his backend. This emphasized the playful human side of Sagittarius.  His long flowing hair represents his traveling nature – no time for haircuts or grooming! He proudly displays tattoos and marketing from the various lands and cultures he’s had the pleasure of studying. He has a satchel to keep his notes and journals tracking his ideas, thoughts and reactions to the many places, people and things he's visited. His original and worldly appearance coupled with his cultural intellect make our Sagittarius one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac!

Zodiac Super Power

Sagittarius' super power is his bow and arrows. With deadly accuracy, he can stir up the most interesting topics. He's considered the jokester of the Zodiac and takes pleasure in shooting his bow then watching his pray scramble and squirm. He doesn't seek to harm anyone, he just wants to get people to think outside their box and shake up the status quo.

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