Dreamtime: The New Moon in Pisces

Dreamtime: The New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon on Tuesday, Feb. 21, is a magical event in the way that all New Moons are. But this New Moon is even more magical because it's in Pisces, the sign of metaphysical mastery. This 12th and final sign ends the cycle of the zodiac where all the walls of separation melt away and we become one again. This is a space of divinity where we meet beyond the boundaries of our egos and remember ourselves as souls.

The New Moon starts a monthly cycle, which is a time to plant seeds. A new idea, habit or goal started then can take root and blossom if placed with purpose and nourished with care. We plant dreams at the New Moon in Pisces, and this is an especially powerful time for them to grow. Neptune, the Fishes' modern ruling planet, is conjunct the New Moon in Pisces for the first time in over 160 years. Divine Neptune, the veil of illusion, the drug of dreams and the soother of souls is blessing us with its presence at this sublime event. Neptune naturally serves Pisces' purpose to wash away wounds, cleanse us of our sins and restore our innocence.

We may be entering a new dreamtime when new dreams are needed because the old ones don't work. Economic and environmental uncertainties await solutions that aren't even on the table. We lack collective imagination and can't expect entrenched institutions to change the rules of a game that's working for them. That's why it's up to us, to you and me, to dream, imagine and allow our minds to wander far beyond the borders of conventional thought.

This New Moon in Pisces could mark a shift in collective consciousness. It's not necessarily dramatic and may not reveal its effects for months or years, yet we are experiencing a velvet revolution of the mind that dissolves walls of doubt and denial. You may soon find that your locked doors of old thinking are no longer closed. When these barriers fall away more connections are made, expanding cerebral bandwidth and making us much smarter.

Fantasizing about the future joins with and amplifies the waves of human creativity that we need right now. Letting your imagination loose to think about your home, your clothes or your life purpose serve the same purpose. They open windows in the mind that help us visualize a better future, and free the heart with joy and courage to create it.