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What We Stand For

At Zappallas USA, the most important factor in our work and success is not what we do, but why we do it. Just like the pioneering zodiac sign Aries, we uphold our A.R.I.E.S. core values to ensure that every experience and product we introduce is created with thought and intention, and with our users' best interests at heart.


We are passionate about creating high-quality content, products, and code that mirror the standards of both our customers and our team


We cultivate an integrity-driven work environment that allows us to deliver dependable results for our customers


We embrace new perspectives and innovative thinking that will benefit our customers, our colleagues, and ourselves


We believe in our immersive, participatory experiences that have the power to create positive outcomes


We care for each other, our customers, and our communities, understanding that empathy makes us stronger

Our Team

We are a team of innovators, eager to create tools and content that will help our users reach their unlimited personal potential. As a full-stack, in-house agency, our software engineers, designers, and marketers work closely together to create cutting-edge technology and experiences that encourage positive change in people's lives. Our employees enjoy the freedom to work remotely or at our office space, access to comprehensive health insurance and employer matched retirement plans, and paid time off to support overall well-being and life balance. Employees' needs and quality of life are a top priority in this supportive work environment.

Tammy Williams
General Manager
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Joey Albanese
Content Editor
& Writer
Sun Sign: Libra
Nichole Aramapakul
Product Marketing
Sun Sign: Libra
Alice Card
Content Editor
& Writer
Sun Sign: Virgo
Luke Francis
Operations Engineer
Sun Sign: Virgo
Dakota Gardner
Software Engineer II
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Kevin Glick
Engineering Manager
Sun Sign: Libra
Jasper Greve
Operations Engineer
Sun Sign: Gemini
Paris Klees
Digital Marketing
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Julie Halford
Accounting Manager
Sun Sign: Gemini
Sara Korhonen
Digital Marketing
Specialist & Writer
Sun Sign: Leo
Daria Landar
Ad Ops / Yield
Sun Sign: Gemini
Judith Lebzelter
Lead Software Engineer
Sun Sign: Capricorn
David LiaBraaten
Software Engineer
Sun Sign: Gemini
Richard Loughney
Director of Business
Sun Sign: Virgo
Mike Noe
Graphic Designer
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Steffanie Williams
Director of Product
Sun Sign: Aries
Morgan Zaytseva
User Experience / QA
Sun Sign: Pisces

Who We Are

Launched in 1996, we are the most established provider of divination tools and content on the web. In 2013, we joined with Zappallas, Inc. -- a leading divination content source in Japan -- making us part of the largest divination network in the world. Throughout our 25+ year evolution, we've stayed true to our Pacific NW roots, keeping on the cutting edge of trends, technology, and quality of life for ourselves and everyone who visits our properties. While our whole family of properties provides the most authentic experiences available, they each have something unique to offer with their own flair and subject matter.

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