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Creative Power 1: Creative Power Receptive Power 2: Receptive Power Difficulty at the Beginning 3: Difficulty at the Beginning Youthful Folly 4: Youthful Folly Patience 5: Patience Conflict 6: Conflict Organized Discipline 7: Organized Discipline Holding Together 8: Holding Together Small Influences 9: Small Influences Treading Carefully 10: Treading Carefully Harmony 11: Harmony Standstill 12: Standstill Fellowship 13: Fellowship Affluence 14: Affluence Humility 15: Humility Enthusiasm 16: Enthusiasm Following 17: Following Repairing Some Damage 18: Repairing Some Damage The Approach of Spring 19: The Approach of Spring Overview 20: Overview Cutting Through 21: Cutting Through Grace and Beauty 22: Grace and Beauty Splitting Apart 23: Splitting Apart Returning 24: Returning Innocence 25: Innocence Containment of Potential 26: Containment of Potential Nourishment 27: Nourishment Excessive Pressure 28: Excessive Pressure View All Hexagrams

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