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Love and Compatibility Guide

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or exploring a new romantic connection, we have everything you need to create and maintain the love life of your dreams. Explore our love and compatibility resources to find your answers today!

Questions About Love?

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Love Horoscopes

Find out how the planets are influencing your romantic future -- in real time.

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Love Tarot Readings

Love questions got you down? Ask the Tarot and get the answers you've been waiting for.

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Zodiac Signs in Love and Relationships

Choose your sign below to discover your biggest love challenges -- and your best opportunities!

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Passionate, Direct, and Spontaneous

Taurus in Love


Sensual, Loyal, and Patient

Gemini in Love


Clever, Flirtatious, and Adventurous

Cancer in Love


Nurturing, Sensitive, and Protective

Leo in Love


Playful, Romantic, and Giving

Virgo in Love


Respectful, Giving, and Loyal

Libra in Love


Romantic, Charming, and Supportive

Scorpio in Love


Passionate, Magnetic, and Mysterious

Sagittarius in Love


Adventurous, Open, and Exciting

Capricorn in Love


Classy, Devoted, and Respectful

Aquarius in Love


Friendly, Unique, and Conversational

Pisces in Love


Romantic, Sweet, and Supportive

Compatibility Tests

Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility

Your Other Half
Sex Compatibility

Sexual Compatibility

Spice It Up
Birth Chart Compatibility

Birth Chart Compatibility

Follow the Stars
Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon Sign Compatibility

Lunar Love
Tarot Compatibility

Tarot Compatibility

Trust the Cards
Friend Compatibility

Friend Compatibility

Partners in Crime
Sibling Compatibility

Sibling Compatibility

No Rivalry Here!
Parent Compatibility

Parenting Compatibility

A Team Effort
Chinese Compatibility

Chinese Compatibility

Your Chinese Zodiac Match
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Love and Tarot

Tarot is the perfect place to turn when you're looking for love advice. Reveal the insight you need to navigate romance and relationships in your life.

Lover's Path Tarot Decks

Featured Tarot Deck: Lover's Path

Best Tarot Cards for Love

Best Tarot Cards for Love

Best Tarot Cards for Reconciliation

Best Tarot Cards for Reconciliation

How to Phrase Your Love Tarot Reading Questions

How to Phrase Your Love Tarot Reading Questions

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