By Maria DeSimone

2019 Love Horoscopes

Discover your best opportunities for love as well as your biggest heartaches! Read your zodiac sign's free 2019 love horoscope to find out how the planetary aspects influence your relationships.

Aries: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
3/21 to 4/19
Taurus: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
4/20 to 5/20
Gemini: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
5/21 to 6/20
Cancer: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
6/21 to 7/22
Leo: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
7/23 to 8/22
Virgo: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
8/23 to 9/22
Libra: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
9/23 to 10/22
Scorpio: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
10/23 to 11/21
Sagittarius: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
11/22 to 12/21
Capricorn: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
12/22 to 1/19
Aquarius: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
1/20 to 2/18
Pisces: 2019 Yearly Love Horoscopes
2/19 to 3/20

Let the Planets Guide You

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Personalized Love Astrology Reports

Big Picture Love Astrology Forecast

Big Picture Love
Astrology Forecast

Find out the most important dates for in your love life will be in next 12 months with a personalized love Astrology forecast by Maria DeSimone.
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Romantic Compatibility Astrology Report

Romantic Compatibility
Astrology Report

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Top-Rated Online Tarot Readings

Love Tarot Readings

With our best online Tarot readings, you get privacy, insight, new perspective, and a great virtual experience that keeps you focused and in touch with your inner wisdom. Make sure you follow your heart when choosing the best cards for romantic and relationship insight!

Love Celtic Cross Tarot Card Reading

Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Uncover complex issues around romance with insight from this Tarot reading.
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Relationship Potentials Tarot Reading

Relationship Potentials Tarot Reading

The 7 positions of this spread examine next steps to achieve a romantic relationship.
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Love Quest Analysis Tarot Reading

Love Quest Analysis Tarot Reading

The 10 positions of this spread are designed to give single people a look at their romantic destiny.
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Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading

Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading

The 10 card positions in this spread delve into your relationship to reveal partnership themes, challenges.
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Relationship Bottom Line Tarot Reading

Relationship Bottom Line Tarot Reading

The five card positions of this love Tarot spread tap into issues influencing your relationship's potential.
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Relationship Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Relationship Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Strengthen your romantic relationship now with the advice of this 11-card love Tarot reading.
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