Fern Feto Spring

Fern Feto Spring

Virgo Sun. Aquarius Moon. Libra Rising.

Fern Feto Spring is a professional astrologer and herbalist. Practicing since 1990, she has studied with a variety of holistic teachers, including Steven Forrest, Rio Olesky, and Asata Gabriel. Fern is the co-author of Simply Sacred: Everyday Relationship Magic and has also written for The Mountain Astrologer, The Llewellyn Books Annuals, and WellBeing Magazine.

Fern has served as a teacher for all ages and holds an M.A. from Sonoma State University and a teaching credential from San Francisco State University. She's also a founding member of A Fool’s Journey Retreat. Fern leads Astrology courses and communities from her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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