Mary K. Greer

Mary K. Greer

Libra Sun. Libra Moon. Scorpio Rising.

Mary K. Greer is a Tarot expert with decades of divinatory experience. Recognized as a leading Tarot author since the 1980s, Mary's work -- including nine books on Tarot -- has garnered her many awards, including Best Divination Book from the Coalition of Visionary Resources in 2007 for her book 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card. Her Yes or No Tarot Reading is one of's most popular offerings.

As an author and educator, Mary emphasizes personal insight and creativity. As a Tarot reader, she works as a "midwife of the soul," using techniques that are interactive, transformative, and empowering. She continues to write, teach, and research from her home in Northern California.

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