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The 5 Degree Rule

The 5 Degree Rule

One of many methods in Astrology
Tarot.com Staff

There are more than 40 methods astrologers use to determine the beginning point (the cusp) of each house in a person's Astrology chart. One of these methods is called the "5 degree rule." This method acts as a valuable middle-ground for many of these methods. Under the 5 degree rule, if a planet is within 5 degrees of the cusp of the following house, the planet is considered in that following house.

Astrologer Ryuji Kagami, author of Tarot.com's new Saturn's Lessons Astrology Report, is one of many astrologers that utilize this 5 degree rule. Therefore, you may notice differences between the houses some planets are listed in in your Saturn's Lessons report vs. other Astrology reports from Tarot.com that are written by different astrologers. But this 5 degree rule only has the potential to affect the houses the planets are in in your Astrology chart -- it does not impact or change which zodiac sign a planet is in in your chart.

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