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Astrology 101 with Rick Levine

Learn the basics with Tarot.com's Master Astrologer
Tarot.com Staff

Learning the basics of Astrology can seem overwhelming -- the universe is an infinite space! But now, it's easy to learn about the cosmos' impact on your life with this Astrology 101 video series starring Master Astrologer Rick Levine!

In this collection of videos, Rick Levine examines the most fundamental concepts of Astrology, from the elements of Astrology to the planets and signs in your own horoscope chart. Whether you're starting to learn about Astrology or you're curious about your own place in the cosmos, these videos are a great start.

So begin your exploration now! Develop a deeper understanding of your life, patterns, thoughts, and relationships -- and how they fit into the bigger picture -- with this insightful collection of videos. You'll gain a deeper understanding of where you come from, where you're going, and where to turn next in your cosmic journey!

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