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Urgent News: Eclipse Season Is…

Intense! October challenges you to take a deeper look at yourself
Jessica Abel

October breezes in with quiet confidence, but don't mistake this initial ease for a tranquil month ahead. It is also eclipse season, which coupled with Mercury Retrograde creates an urgent need to remain calm, cool and collected.

Eclipse season can be difficult because it often brings dramatic personal growth. This may involve letting go of people or things you're attached to. The Lunar Eclipse on October 8 and the Solar Eclipse on October 23 will challenge you to rethink your current situation, which could alter your life in some remarkable way.

However, with Mercury Retrograde from October 4-25, you MUST wait to make any major moves. Instead, use this time to get deeper insight about your core needs with an Inner Reflections Birth Report. This will bring forth your most authentic self, and reveal what is best for you from here.

This period of deep introspection becomes even more intense when the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio on October 23 -- the same day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign associated with spiritual regeneration and rebirth, so this triple-powered Scorpio energy will penetrate deeply to awaken your true desires -- and drive you to pursue them!

But wait... Now is NOT the time to make your move. All the profound things you'll learn about yourself this month can be put into action next month, when Mercury is moving direct. Until then, take advantage of this opportunity to re-evaluate what you really need.

October encourages you to appreciate the beauty and wonder of life -- inside and out! So start your Inner Reflections Birth Report now to reconnect with your true self, and gain the wisdom and strength to follow to your heart.