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technology and intuition

Intuition and the Digital Age

Finding your inner voice over the noise of technology
Maria DeSimone

I may be a technology dummy but I'm certainly not immune to the detrimental effect our digital world can have on my inner peace. For example, I find it impossible to get through my day if I know there are unanswered emails. In fact, this irks me as much as leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. My balance is thrown off -- and I'm compelled to address it.

I find it more and more uncomfortable to "unplug" from technology and just sit with myself -- hear myself think. Why is this? Technology is amazing and offers us so much. Yet at the same time, without us realizing, it's robbing us of the ability to connect to ourselves and each other. Technological advancement is leaving us spiritually bankrupt. It's subtle, but real. We're data hogs living in an intuitively starved society.

When does technology go from indispensable to destructive? When it affects your ability to access your intuition!