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Astrology and Intuition

Expand your thinking to open up new possibilities!
Jeff Jawer

Working with an interpretive system like Astrology is an excellent way to develop intuition. Its use of symbols teaches us to tune in to derive meaning that is not literally spelled out for us. The mental exercise of expressing the many qualities of a planet like Venus, for example, teaches us to read between the lines or look outside the box to glean the information it contains.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to become an astrologer to benefit from this knowledge. Simply learning a little bit about the planets, such as Venus as love, attraction and self-worth, Mars as action, anger and initiative, Jupiter expansion, etc. provides an energetic language that expands thinking.

This stretching of perspectives is an excellent way to become more intuitive because the literal mindedness of everyday life focuses on facts and often ignores feelings. Intuition is as much an emotional as an intellectual experience, so a more creative view of reality connects these often separated functions. Interpretative minds recognize that there is much more to life than visible events and logical thoughts.