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Winning the Kentucky Derby with Astrology

Winning the Kentucky Derby with Astrology

Astrology successfully predicted the 2013 Kentucky Derby win
A.T. Mann

Years ago I knew an astrologer named Joyce Wehrman, who was a master at picking winners for various betting games and horse races. She used transits, which is the actual daily movement of the planets, and her techniques often worked. I wanted to bet on the Kentucky Derby this weekend, and I adopted a technique I am sure Joyce would have approved of.

I did a chart for the race, which began at 6:24 p.m. (ETD) in Louisville, Ky., on Saturday, May 4. By consulting a book of rulerships, which are the various qualities, colors and correspondences of the signs, houses and planets, I found out that the information I suspected was the case, and which I needed to make a good choice.

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"The Rulership Book" states that the qualities associated with horse races are planet Jupiter (athleticism, large animals and movement), Sagittarius (the centaur, which is half horse with a human torso), the 5th house of Play (which is naturally associated with the sign Leo, risks, speculation, games and gambling) and the Sun. In looking at the chart, I saw there were no planets in the 5th house, however the zodiac sign on the cusp (beginning) of the house was Leo, ruled by the Sun. Voila!

Choosing the winning horse

The way you use the chart for choosing a horse is by finding the names of horses that resonate with or correspond to the ruling planet or zodiac sign you have chosen. In looking at the list of horses in the Kentucky Derby, there were two obvious possibilities.

The most obvious was Orb, which is short for the orb of the Sun in the sky, and at the time I did the chart he had 11-to-1 odds; the other was Golden Soul, because gold is the color associated with Leo, which was a long shot at 32-to-1.

I was not very clever about betting at the off-track betting office here, so I played them both to win, when I should have bet Golden Soul to win, place or show. When the race was run, Orb started at the very back on a wet and slow track, however as the race went on he ran faster and faster, finally winning by 2.5 lengths, and Golden Soul was second.

Both had wonderful payouts. Success, and what a confirmation of Astrology!

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