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woman in field of spring flowers with zodiac symbols

Breathe in the Solar Eclipse

The Spring Equinox New Moon brings a breath of fresh air
Maria DeSimone

Close your eyes, and imagine you've just stepped outside into a garden or forest on an early spring day -- moments after a heavy rain shower. Looking around, you see that every blade of grass, tree, flower and patch of earth has a dewy glow. You inhale deeply; the smell of wet, fertile earth fills your lungs. Instantly, your spirits lift. Ah, there's nothing quite like the scent of the outdoors on a spring day -- right after it rains.

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Take a moment to put yourself there. Soak up the promise of new life that only occurs after the storm. Hold on to it, my friends, because THAT is what this extraordinary New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 20 is all about. It's an ending of endings in your life somewhere. A cleansing rain shower to wash away the fear you have of stepping into something new. Of giving birth to something great and divinely inspired.

This is, without a doubt, a most fascinating eclipse. As a rule, a Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings. They can only occur at a New Moon, but with a Solar Eclipse you get the potency of a turbo-charged New Moon. That's MAJOR fresh-start potential! Yet, this eclipse has such an "opposite" flavor, you might question whether it will really provide you with such remarkable possibilities.

Trust me, it will.

This Solar Eclipse signals a new beginning

You see, this eclipse is ALL about exhaling in order to make room to inhale the scent of new life after a spring rain. The eclipse occurs at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac 0 -- 29 degrees Pisces. How is that for endings? It literally symbolizes a new beginning with heavy spiritual and emotional connotations (thanks to Pisces) that are all possible only AFTER the rain.

What fortifies this even more is the fact that the eclipse occurs on the very last day of the astrological year. The eclipse takes place at 5:36 a.m. (EDT) and the Spring Equinox, which marks the beginning of the astrological new year, occurs later that evening at 6:45 p.m. (EDT). At that time the Sun will leave Pisces and move into Aries -- the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the quintessential sign of breaking new ground and initiation, which is why it connects to the first day of spring and the promise of new life. WOW! The symbolism for this eclipse is so rich... so fertile... so promising.

Can you feel it?

A ray of hope

I see this eclipse as a ray of hope during a time of tremendous upheaval, both collectively and personally. Clearly, many of us are at a crossroads. The March 20 Solar Eclipse will not only provide a breath of fresh air, it will help us feel ready to stop holding our breath. I don't know about you but I'm tired of all the endings... all the rainstorms. I'm tired of holding my breath; waiting to exhale but afraid of what that very act of release might do.

This eclipse will give us the faith we need to finally let go... to finally breathe out in a certain area of our life. Then, we'll see that while we thought we were holding onto our last life sustaining breath the whole time, we really just discharged the toxic fumes that were preventing us from breathing in fresh air that has been waiting for us all along.

Are you ready? Deep, cleansing breaths everyone.

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