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The Inevitability of Being Eclipsed

The Inevitability of Being Eclipsed

Preparing to gain through loss with May's Solar Eclipse
Maria DeSimone

On days when I'm a happy-go-lucky and positive astrologer, I gleefully anticipate the upcoming May 9 Solar Eclipse in Taurus, which will be almost precisely conjunct my natal Sun and Mercury.

I think of unicorns and rainbows, fresh starts and opportunity. I consider that it will herald a vital new beginning in my identity and personal development, and because the Sun rules my natal 5th House of Children, Creativity and Romance, there might even be a series of special events in store that correlate to these areas of my world.

Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. Today, I seem to be the dark astrologer who sees truth in the old Astrology rule that when a Solar Eclipse is near one of your planets, something will be eclipsed out of your life in relation to that planet.

You can take a look at your own Essential Birth Chart report to find out if this eclipse happens near one of your planets. And Sure, something new can begin after -- and an opportunity is quite likely. But first, there is an ending. The closer an eclipse to your natal planet or angle, the more significant that ending will be.

I'm torn. I want to be positive, and part of me is excited about the inevitable change that's about to overwhelm me. Deep down inside I know that whatever is about to happen must because it's going to allow me to begin an important new chapter.

If I'm being honest, however, at the same time I am anxious about this eclipse. I know an eclipse near the Sun can affect one's physical vitality and the men in my life. Fortunately, my Sun only makes positive aspects in my horoscope, so my hope is that whatever news this eclipse brings will not bring me to my knees in a way that I'll never recover from.

Unicorns and rainbows … come back!

My No. 1 piece of advice to you if you're having an eclipse near a personal planet or angle in your birth chart is to go back in time and consider the themes that were happening in your life exactly 19 years earlier. Why? Well, eclipses are funny little suckers. They repeat almost by exact mathematical degree and date in our lives every 19 years.

This is when I'm glad I kept a journal since the age of 10. This is why I advise all of my clients to dust off their old diaries or begin a special eclipse journal now. The themes around an important eclipse will jump right out at you. What a valuable treasure to have -- to be able to track eclipse times and see what patterns repeat. This is your own special predictive tool, and you don't even need an astrologer to help you. All you need is 19 years.

Well, I went back to my diary entries for May of 1994, the last time this Solar Eclipse fell at 19 and a half degrees of Taurus. My natal Sun is 17 degrees Taurus and my natal Mercury is 22 degrees Taurus. We can safely expect this Solar Eclipse to affect both areas of my world.

Lo and behold, written the very last week of April 1994 through the very end of May, my diary pages are filled with information that's more than a little unsettling.

It appears I was in a major car accident on April 20, 1994 -- one that totaled my car and required physical therapy for a back injury for several months after. Well, that's literal for an eclipse to Mercury and the Sun now isn't it? Mercury rules cars and transportation. The Sun is ones physical vitality. I was sapped and I lost my car. Ouch!

My brother was also hospitalized during this time (Mercury rules siblings and the Sun rules men). Thankfully, it wasn't anything too serious and he quickly recovered.

Another major theme had to do with a little boy. Back then I worked part-time as a teacher's assistant for autistic children. There was one beautiful, innocent 4-year-old boy I became smitten with. I developed a deep attachment to him. His name was Steven.

His mother was having a difficult time. She was a single parent and couldn't provide for his special needs. I began to spend a lot of time with Steven . A lot. Honestly, I loved this little kid. I felt a connection to him and he clearly had an attachment to me.

Unfortunately, one day shortly after the Solar Eclipse to my Sun in May 1994, I was informed that Steven's mother suddenly gave him up for adoption. Steven was gone! Solar Eclipse to the Sun, and the Sun rules my 5th House of Children! A male child was eclipsed out of my life. I cried my eyes out.

So, the three major themes appear to have been a car wreck coupled with health ramifications, my brother's illness, and losing a connection to a child I loved.

It happens every 19 years, but not exactly

While it's not likely that the same exact series of events will transpire, if we stick to themes it's safe to assume that the impending eclipse to my Sun and Mercury on May 9 might highlight one or more of these areas.

Not exactly unicorns and rainbows. Until you read more of my diary, that is. That's when you can see the depth of an eclipse to your natal Sun reveal itself. It is life-changing to the core. And truly, even if there are endings, there is a gift.

Deeper into those pages I read about an emerging identity determined to push past the fear of living. My 20-year-old self wrote:

"It's a sad feeling to be haunted by yourself. It's a lonely, aching pain to be afraid of who you are and what you will become. To fear how you'll survive every fall as you climb your personal mountain of life. Sometimes it's so terrifying that you'd rather stay on a safe plateau. But me? I think I'm destined to stumble my way to the top. I choose to live until death, not die waiting for a chance to live."

Nineteen years is a long time. So much has changed, and although I'd be silly to expect the same exact events to occur, I'm not even going to try and make predictions for myself with this eclipse. It can run the gamut from a health issue to bringing me the new love of my life, or an important male in my life somehow leaving. There's a lot of juice that accompanies an eclipse to your Sun and Mercury together. Yes, I know a loss will likely occur. But I'll take notes from my 20-year old-self and remember that even in those moments I'll need to keep climbing.

Am I about to be eclipsed? Without a doubt. But it'll only last a few moments. I'm not the kind of girl who stays in the dark for very long.

Besides, you can't see any unicorns and rainbows there.

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