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Uranus Square Pluto: Making Change

Uranus Square Pluto: Making Change

Taking a risk is safer than standing still
Jeff Jawer

The third of seven transformational squares between Uranus and Pluto occurs on May 20, 2013. As it approaches, we may be feeling the uncertainty symbolized by this powerful pattern, which began last year and ends in 2015.

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The natural response of any organism is to seek safety in familiar places and patterns. Yet we humans are clearly a breed apart. We've transformed the material world with our art and technology, and now it's time to transform ourselves.

These two outer planets live beyond the gated walls of societal Saturn. They represent breaks from consensus consciousness. The electrical immediacy of Uranus and the nuclear power of Pluto aren't easy to handle. They often appear as rage and resentment, which make these planets seem more dangerous than they are.

We need more positive models for expressing Uranus and Pluto, but they are hard to find. However, we can teach ourselves how to break free of restraints without being destructive and how to pursue our ambitions without becoming tyrants.

Breaking free from fear

Let's start small, with a little Uranus in Aries exercise. The transit of Astrology's most independent planet in its most independent sign is driving an urge to break out of the boxes of our routines, relationships and even our identities.

It is liberating and terrifying to leave familiar worlds to explore new ones. Most of us, of course, are not in a position to quit our jobs, nor desirous of abandoning our friends and families. Nor do we find it easy to break the habits we made that now make us. But as an exercise it wouldn't be difficult to alter the order of your morning routine or change the radio shows you listen to or the websites you visit.

It's not threatening to take an instant for a rebellious thought before you go along with a boss, bully or person you dare not defy. Yet simply deviating from your usual habits and changing the rhythm of reactions are instructive steps toward taking greater risks in the future.

Pluto in Capricorn is about power and control. It's the pressure to obey others' rules and the desire to make our own. Both planet and sign are intense and resistant to compromise. Each tends to operate on the premise that if a person is not dominant, he or she must be submissive.

Persistence pays off

There are simpler ways to exercise authority without becoming authoritarian, though. If you're served something you didn't order in a restaurant, kindly tell the server that you'd like to send it back. If you're struggling with a task, push yourself a little bit harder. Persisting just a moment longer when you're tired slowly builds the endurance needed to fulfill much greater ambitions.

Uranus and Pluto symbolize the human capacity for transformation. While they have too often been expressed destructively as chaos and oppression, these are not the only options. This disruptive pair of outer planets is a reminder that our species has not reached its full potential and that we are still capable of evolving to higher levels of consciousness.

Stepping outside our comfort zones and altering our lives in small and large ways may seem risky in these dangerous times, yet are far safer than standing still.

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