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A fresh start

Weekly Astrology: February 8-14, 2016

A fresh start
Maria DeSimone

It's a week of beginnings and brilliance! Read all about the new things in store...

Monday, February 8: New Moon Aquarius

An innovative New Moon in Aquarius on Monday will open up doors of possibility you might not have even known existed. This will be the lunation to set your sights high and believe in the power of your wishes.

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It'll also be a time to plant new seeds in your social life. Join a group that meets to discuss and learn about one of your interests -- maybe even an Astrology organization! Make a splash on social media if you're not already doing so. Attend that party, fundraiser, or political function. You never know who you'll meet!

Wednesday, February 10: Venus trine Jupiter

On Wednesday, Venus and Jupiter will be at a delicious trine, making love as sweet as can be. Expect to feel sustained and spoiled by your honey. This may also be a day for financial reward.

Saturday, February 13: Mercury enters Aquarius; Mars sextile Jupiter

Then on Saturday, Mercury enters Aquarius, where he'll remain until March 5. Mars will also sextile Jupiter. Your mind will burst with even more brilliance than usual, and you'll have plenty of energy to pursue a major goal. The bigger, the better!

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