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Weekly Astrology: July 11 - 17, 2016

A way with words
Maria DeSimone

It's time to use restraint with your communication, or you could regret it later! See how to make it through the week with all the Astrology below...

Monday, July 11: Mercury square Uranus

The week begins on a chaotic note as Mercury squares off with Uranus on Monday. You may want to put some imaginary (or literal) tape over your mouth to prevent you from blurting out something you'll later wish you hadn't.

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Tuesday, July 12: Venus enters Leo

On Tuesday, Venus enters Leo where she'll remain until August 5. Love becomes larger than life with incredible romantic opportunities!

Wednesday, July 13: Mercury in Leo

Mercury enters Leo on Wednesday, and until July 30 you'll speak with such flair that no one will be able to resist your words!

Saturday, July 16: Sun square Uranus; Mercury conjunct Venus; Sun trine Mars

Then, on Saturday the Sun is square Uranus and trine Mars while Mercury and Venus are conjunct. You'll need to assert your independence, but this time you won't be as reckless, thanks to Mars supporting -- rather than aggravating -- the situation. And you'll sound incredibly charming in the process!

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