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Weekly Astrology: May 25-31, 2014

Take advantage of this weeks brilliant burst of energy!
Maria DeSimone

A New Moon and a couple of planetary moves make this week one of mood changes and new energy vibrations.

Communication gets a lift. Plus, what you love and think about will shift. Look below for the lowdown on the key cosmic events the week of May 25-31, 2014.

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Wednesday, May 28: New Moon in Gemini, Mercury sextile Venus, Sun square Neptune and Venus in Taurus

On Wednesday, a New Moon in Gemini will open you up to the possibility of an exciting new perspective. Flesh out ideas and begin writing projects. If there's a contract on the agenda, you'll have an opportune time to negotiate cleverly.

Also on Wednesday, Mercury will link up with Venus in Taurus, adding to the positive decision-making potential in all money and romantic matters. The rub? On Wednesday, the Sun will square off with Neptune, making you see the very best in everything, and possibly ignoring a mess that will be harder to clean up once you finally notice it.

Still, Wednesday is overwhelmingly more positive than negative. In fact, there's one more piece of news about Wednesday's alignments. Much later, at night, Venus will change signs. Entering Taurus, she'll remain in the sign she rules until June 23. With Venus in sensual, loving Taurus, you'll have a firm grasp on what needs to happen in order to please you, body and soul. Also, this will likely boost your ability to acquire lovely possessions or to fatten up your bank account a bit.

Thursday, May 29: Mercury in Cancer

On Thursday, Mercury enters Cancer, and thoughts will center on family, memories and preserving your emotional security.

Saturday, May 31: Sun in Gemini trine Mars in Libra

And finally, on Saturday, theSun in Gemini will trine Mars. Energy boost anyone?

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