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Weekly Astrology: November 30 - December 6, 2015

Use your power for good!
Maria DeSimone

Finally there's a break in store! With plenty of energy shifts and planetary muscle coming up, you'll want to know when to push forward and when to hold back. Find out now...

Tuesday, December 1: Mercury trine Uranus

On Tuesday, Mercury and Uranus will be at a perfect trine, suggesting a major "eureka" moment. You might see progress with one of your innovative ideas, or it's possible that an out-of-the-blue decision or conversation will have a fantastic outcome.

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Friday, December 4: Mercury square Jupiter in Virgo; Venus enters Scorpio

On Friday, Mercury squares off with Jupiter, cautioning us not to promise more than we can deliver. Then, Venus enters sultry Scorpio where she'll remain until December 30. You'll find that you're more interested in exploring love more deeply rather than superficial encounters. You and your partner might enjoy a healing, transformative time in your relationship.

Sunday, December 6: Sun sextile Mars; Mars square Pluto

Sunday is a mixed bag. You'll have PLENTY of gusto thanks to the Sun sextile Mars. The problem however, is that Mars will square off with Pluto and it'll be all too easy to misdirect your energy. Avoid temper tantrums, and if you see someone else throwing one do your best to ignore it.

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