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coleman stevenson

Coleman Stevenson, Tarot Author

Tarot practitioner, author, and teacher
Coleman Stevenson

Coleman Stevenson, designer of the Dark Exact Tarot Deck, has been practicing Tarot for the last 20 years. She is the author of The Dark Exact Tarot Guide (2017), and two collections of poems, Breakfast (2015), and The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609 (2012).

Coleman has been a guest curator for various gallery spaces in the Portland, Oregon area, and has also taught poetry, design theory, and cultural studies at a number of different institutions there. She currently teaches in the Delve Readers Seminar series for Literary Arts. Her visual work focuses on text as image, incorporating traditional magical writing techniques such as crosswriting and sigilization. She also makes Tarot-inspired perfumes, spell oils, ritual kits, and other divination and ritual tools through her company the Dark Exact. You can learn more about Coleman's work on her website.