Paul O'Brien

I Ching expert and founder

I Ching Expert and Founder Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien -- or "Paulo" as he is affectionately known -- is our resident I Ching author. In fact, he invented the entire category of divination software back in 1989 by producing the first I Ching program, Synchronicity, which ran on the early Macintosh. Subsequently, he produced the Oracle of Changes and Tarot Magic CD-Roms until he took his craft to the web, where he founded

As described in his book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing, Paulo's professional mission has been to provide universal access to authentic divination. Through and, this mission was accomplished!

Paul's involvement with the I Ching began as a teen making fun of it. He skeptically tossed his first I Ching reading and found his foolish query ignored. Instead of any reference to what he asked, he got Hexagram #4: "Youthful Folly ... the student lacks respect for the teacher." Shaken, but chalking it up to chance, he tried again and received "questioning the sincerity of the seeker." Paul was stunned by the way the revered oracle had accurately reflected his energy and intent in the present moment. He became fascinated with it and this started a life-long labor of love studying the I Ching.

In 1988, after 15 years in the software industry, he took a leap of faith from an executive position to found Visionary Software, leading to the development of one of the very first multimedia programs around the I Ching -- the Synchronicity program for Mac. As a result of that effort, Paulo is known as "the father of interactive divination."

Position: Executive Director, Divination Foundation

Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign:Cancer
Rising Sign: Leo

License Plate: LET GO

Books by Paulo:
The Visionary I Ching (ebook only)
Divination: Sacred Tools
Great Decisions, Perfect Timing: CultivatingIntuitive Intelligence

Free Book Sharing:
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