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Taylor Moon

Taylor Moon, Astrology Author

Astrologer, published author, and Daily Horoscope writer
Taylor Moon

Taylor Moon is a professional astrologer and author based out of Chicago, IL. She is the author of Aquarius, which is part of a zodiac sign book series available in bookstores nationwide.

In addition to writing horoscopes for Tarot.com, she has appeared on AstroStyle.com and shares her astrological gifts on Astrology.com's Instagram account. A fan of horoscopes since she was a child, it wasn't until she went through a difficult time in life that she seriously dove into studying Astrology. Discovering her birth chart was a game-changer for her, and for the first time, she started to understand herself deeply. Thirsty to learn more, she began to interpret the charts of friends and loved ones. Soon, word of her cosmic capabilities spread, and she began helping others discover their potential and heal past traumas.

You can get in touch with Taylor Moon by connecting with her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or by visiting her website.