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The Unlimited Possibilities of Mercury's Journey

The Unlimited Possibilities of Mercury's Journey

Jeff Jawer

Speedy little Mercury is the fastest moving of all the planets, setting patterns for information flow that color the ways we see and speak. On Friday, March 2, Mercury blasts into fiery Aries where it usually hastens the pace of thinking and communicating. Spontaneity is ignited with this transit, spurring intuition and original ideas. Yet the instinct to come up with immediate answers inhibits the reflection necessary to make serious decisions. Itchy intellectual triggers tend to produce more mistakes as caution is blown away by a growing sense of urgency.

This exciting but unstable influence grows more complex as brainy Mercury approaches its retrograde reversal point on March 12. The three-week backward cycle that follows is a period when reviewing past decisions and completing unfinished business are more productive than initiating new connections or concepts. This clashes with the Aries drive to push ahead without looking back, making the complications of this retrograde period more pronounced than usual.

Another layer of complexity is added when detail-oriented Mercury re-enters boundless Pisces on March 23. To recap: the communication planet blasts into impatient Aries where it then has to slow down, stop, turn backwards and return to the spaciest sign of the zodiac. Minds may be muddled by this strange sequence of events, yet there's something to be gained when logic is lost in the fog of confusion. The unexpected gift that comes from these clouds of illusion is imagination unbound from the limits of reason.

When we're freed from or unable to address life's issues in practical terms, our minds tend to explore less familiar paths. This wistful wandering may seem like a waste of time but it's not. It is exactly the kind of creative thinking we need to move outside the limiting box of conventional reality. The essential answers that we seek as individuals and as a community aren't coming through traditional channels. Pluto in authoritarian Capricorn represents institutional constipation where the weight of organizational structures inhibit creativity.

Luckily, there is genius in weirdness as we break down the walls of pre-existing reality to glimpse an outline of the future. Mercury's strange trip burns with the fire of excitement and discovery and waft through the dreamlands of imagination, leaving us a little lost. Yet opening our minds to concepts that don't fit the current picture of reality will suggest alternative routes to health, safety and fulfillment that aren't visible on our current intellectual maps.