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Occupy Wall Street and the Scorpio New Moon

Occupy Wall Street and the Scorpio New Moon

A.T. Mann

I reflect on the powerful New Moon in Scorpio, having been to see Occupy Wall Street in Liberty Square in New York City. It was dramatic and intense, and it reflects well what is happening astrologically. Scorpio is about depth of feeling, often frustration at not being “heard,” and therefore easily turns to secrecy, subterfuge or violence, and it is about other peoples’ money, i.e., our money, which is what runs Wall Street. Pluto rules Scorpio with radical and deep change as a keyword, and revolution is often a by-product, as we see in the Middle East, although it also implies a need for us to change our own lax attitudes as well. The Sun/Moon conjunction is also sextile Pluto, which holds it back, yet shows souls torn by conflict, and spreads premonitions of radical change.

The lunation is opposite Jupiter in Taurus (the financial underpinning of U.S. and the core of the 99%/1% disparity) as the money and influence at the heart of our world. Scorpio and Taurus are powerful fixed signs, so there is little flexibility in the air, as entrenched vested influences are not willing to give an inch. This is reflected in struggles at all levels in our current situation, like dissatisfaction with politicians, already owned by corporate America. Who really wants change? And at what cost? We must see the seeds of this within ourselves, learn how to minimalize, and find out how to detox or purify our collective habits, financial situation, and emotional lives.

The lunation also quincunxes the volatile Uranus in Aries, triggering something primal and powerful. It is abetted and simultaneously confused by digital media, echoing the trine to retrograde Neptune, just about to go direct after five retrograde months into the dreamy and idealistic Pisces, about to bring a haziness and lack of real focus to the entire affair. Who knows what to believe? Neptune governs hydro-fracking, which contaminates already scarce water supplies across the country with natural gas and radiation, but do you think the corporations care? Ideals are collapsing, media confusion reigns, and no one is what they seem (i.e., Obama, Republicans, etc…). So, take your seat at the Coliseum! George Clooney’s Ides of March movie catches the cynicism of current American politics perfectly. Many expect a spiritual or psychic turnaround, but we must be realistic about our own enabling role in society, which is deeply corrupt.

Since the general atmosphere is so confrontational, we can only assume that this is a prelude to the upcoming years of the even scarier Halloween of Uranus and Pluto squaring each other, which this lunation anticipates. They were conjunct in the mid-1960s, when youths were in turmoil and change was the order of the day, and now they (and we) approach a full confrontation, so hope is once again rife, and the frightening deeper resonances of change fill the autumn air. We must be clear where we stand, to be aware of our complicity, communicate our true thoughts, and be compassionate and wise.