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Uranus Square Pluto: Freedom from Fear

Uranus Square Pluto: Freedom from Fear

Jeff Jawer

The economic world appears to be teetering on the brink as we approach the next stressful square of Uranus and Pluto on Monday, May 20. The clash of these slow-moving planets will continue through early 2015, a period that is likely to have a dramatic effect on the quality of our lives. The financial issues that are shaking Europe are mysterious to the public and appear almost irresolvable to the experts. It's just one more place to project our fears onto situations we can't control.

Potent Pluto in authoritarian Capricorn can make it appear that individuals have no power. The corrupt corporations, crooked politicians, inefficient governments, and self-serving unions are objects of scorn and mistrust. We can easily recognize their shortcomings and identify them as primary causes of global problems. It’s also possible to generalize blame on human nature with greed, selfishness and violence among our least desirable but unavoidable traits. Or maybe it’s the church, the schools, the police, Al Qaida, fundamentalists, atheists or extra-terrestrials that are pulling the strings.

The projection of power onto big organizations is a logical expression of Pluto in Capricorn. However, it's also an illusion that's ready to be shattered. Revolutionary Uranus in Aries symbolizes individual authority and the capacity to break free of the past, yet engaging its radical energy isn't always easy. Freedom sounds so desirable, but most of us resist it on a regular basis. That's because we are constrained by the fear of letting go of what we know. The limits and even oppression that we experience now may be painful but at least we know what we're facing. It's this dreadful certainty that can prevent us from letting go of the past and diving into a new but unknown future.

There can be a sense of helplessness in the face of global issues. How can we expect to pay our bills when Greece and Spain can't pay theirs? Looking toward institutions to solve problems is unrealistic because the changes that could lead to a healthy new world are unlikely to flow down from the top. Trickle-down consciousness is as ineffective as trickle-down economics. And, even worse, it's disempowering to simply wait to be saved by someone or something bigger and stronger than you.

Facing fear from a fresh perspective is a little Uranus-in-Aries trick that can release us from its stranglehold. It's unrealistic to deny or try to push away doubt and dread. There are reasons why any of us face severe emotional, physical or material limits. Yet there are still more undiscovered means to overcome them. Breaking free of group mind and public opinion is a good way to start. Unique Uranus in pioneering Aries lights the way to a hundred bright ideas if we don't darken hope with doubt. Fear is only an enemy when it paralyzes us. Yet when we are mobile in body, mind and spirit, we can dance with it until the music changes and it transforms itself into power or simply fades away.

Courage is not necessarily about confronting obvious danger, but is present when we're able to move from our safe but suffocating assumptions and are willing to breathe the unfamiliar air of the unknown. It's true Uranus' journey to freedom often begins with chaos, but that's no reason to panic. Staying flexible instead of freezing up opens a wide range of possibilities that can turn suffering into healing and liberate untapped personal potential that just might save the world.