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Virgo: 2012 Predictions for Career and Money

One thing at a time

For the second year in a row, two eclipses in your 10th House of Career allow you to make big changes in your work life. A tense square from Neptune to the Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20 could put you on slippery ground. Taking time away from professional responsibilities to recharge your batteries and find new inspiration and purpose could aim you in a more fulfilling direction.

The Nov. 28 Lunar Eclipse falling in clever Gemini and conjuncting opportunistic Jupiter seems promising enough to make you smile. Yet stressful aspects to the Moon from demanding Mars, Saturn and Pluto put the focus on performance. Your job could grow more difficult if you don't maintain your usual high standards.

All in all it's more important that you maintain financial stability than make as much money as you can this year. Reliable Saturn's presence in your 2nd House of Income until Oct. 5 rewards you for being moderate in your spending and consistent in what you earn.

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