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2013 Astrology Horoscopes

Change is the name of the game

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The most important astrological pattern of this century started just last year, when revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto aligned in an exact 90-degree square on June 24 that repeats six more times before concluding on March 16, 2015. This culture-shaking aspect is the second step in a cycle that marks a change of collective consciousness that first occurred in 1965 and '66. That was a naive time in some ways, as a healthy economy made it easy to drop out and live an alternative lifestyle, since there were plenty of jobs available when people were ready to drop back in. Alas, it's not the same story this time around.

Digging deeper, we note that Uranus, the planet of liberation, is in the individualistic sign of Aries now. This might not encourage cooperation, and we can see that reason and compromise are hard to come by these days. Yet it also means that each of us is a unique source of innovation, and that collective change starts with the individual. Potent Pluto in Capricorn represents the controlling forces of institutions, both public and private. The abuses of power by governments, corporations, schools, and religious organizations can easily be criticized ... and should be. But the healing forces of change that will carry us through these tumultuous times and into the next phase of human evolution are within each and every one of us. Breaking patterns and discovering new ways to express ourselves individually might not seem very significant in the bigger scheme of things, but the cumulative effect of a million bright ideas and loving acts of kindness will change the world.

The heart of the matter

Saturn is the planet of hard, cold reality and represents the limits that hold us back, as well as the structures we can build to fulfill our ambitions. It entered emotionally intense Scorpio last October and will stay there for two years. Scorpio deals with the deep issues of survival, intimacy and power. It is concerned with our desires and the ways that we measure what we give others in order to get what we want in return. These are very meaningful issues, but ones we are often reluctant to address openly with others or even honestly with ourselves. Yet getting to the heart of our needs is where Saturn in Scorpio's essential truth lies. When we push past the limits of politeness, niceties, and looking good to others, we may discover some deep hunger that has been overlooked or denied. Maybe it can't be completely fulfilled, but just knowing what we really want can be a strong step toward creating a happier future. Being willing to negotiate with others in both our personal and professional lives empowers us in relationships and overcomes the quiet desperation of staying silent.

Areas of opportunity

Expansive Jupiter is in jaunty Gemini until June 25, filling minds with a million and one ideas. This is terrific for creative thinking and imagining more options in our lives, yet we can also scatter our energy if we pursue too many possibilities at once. Being selective helps to capture this intellectual inspiration without dissipating ourselves in too much thought. On June 25 Jupiter enters cozy Cancer for a 12-month stay, putting an emphasis on personal security and domestic matters. In mid-July, Saturn and Jupiter are joined in a harmonious Grand Water Trine with imaginative Neptune and assertive Mars. This is a special time for setting long-term strategies, since faith and action combine with vision and reason to lay down a solid foundation for reaching inspirational goals.