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Aries 2013 Career Horoscope

Assessing associates

Gathering information and ideas, as well as enhancing your education are benefits to your professional life during the first half of the year. Visionary Jupiter expands your perspective in curious Gemini and your 3rd House of Data Flow. This transit enhances your communication skills and provides you with short-term opportunities that stimulate your mind, increase connections and provide small, unexpected infusions of cash. Staying focused on a single, long-term goal might be difficult, though.

Concentration and your sense of purpose increase when Jupiter dives into emotional Cancer and the 4th House of Roots in your chart. This shift in mid-June helps you turn inward to connect with your deepest professional desires. Interest in heading in a new career direction, perhaps with your own business, can be expected. Putting these feelings into motion is likely in mid-July. That's when your aggressive ruling planet Mars enters Cancer, where it quickly joins far-seeing Jupiter to incite a bold sense of initiative.

Dealing with difficult partners and associates could be an ongoing challenge throughout the year. Serious Saturn in your 8th House of Sharing requires more delicate handling of allies and enemies, meaning that acting without considering their responses could prove costly. But if you're careful and calculating with co-workers and customers, you will enhance your reputation and increase your authority.

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