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Taurus 2013 Predictions

Resistance is futile

This year will demand a lot of flexibility from you, Taurus. Change continues to accelerate, uncovering new interests, testing your current relationships, and altering the purpose of your life. It's natural for a steadfast Taurus to hold on to the status quo, rather than adapting to shifting circumstances. Fortunately, this process will grow easier once you realize that resistance is futile. You can go kicking and screaming into a future that's different from the one you were anticipating, or you can use this year as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Neptune's entry into imaginative Pisces and your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes on February 3, 2012, began a protracted re-visioning process of your long-term goals. Now it's time to weed out the impractical fantasies and transform your vision into reality. Fortunately, you receive constructive assistance from levelheaded Saturn's harmonious trines to illusory Neptune on June 11 and July 19, in an aspect series that began on October 10, 2012.

A quest for meaning

The greatest pressure for change comes on May 20 and November 1, when revolutionary Uranus forms dynamic squares with evolutionary Pluto in a recurring pattern that started on June 24, 2012, and finishes on March 16, 2015. Most likely, you have already encountered unexpected developments in your life since Uranus entered spontaneous Aries in March of 2011. Its 7-year visit to your 12th House of Destiny continues to bring sudden twists and turns on the road of life. With Uranus's current squares to Pluto in your 9th House of Higher Truth, you may be questioning the ultimate meaning of your existence, reconsidering your priorities, and developing new goals. Since you're usually quite practical in your thinking, the unconventional, conceptual, and theoretical realms you must now explore will certainly stretch your mind in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Working relationships

On a more pragmatic level, taskmaster Saturn in passionate Scorpio spends the entire year visiting your 7th House of Others. Working in a partnership can bring challenges, but the rewards will follow if you're willing to set aside your fears, look deeply within for answers, and learn from those around you. Saturn's cooperative sextiles with transformative Pluto on December 26, 2012, March 8, and September 21 offer you chances to negotiate without compromising your basic values.

Despite all the changes and challenges you must face, your confidence is high as jovial Jupiter moves through your 2nd House of Self-Worth for the first half of the year. On June 25, Jupiter enters nurturing Cancer and your 3rd House of Immediate Environment, where it remains until July of 2014, giving you chances to learn without traveling far from home. Harmonious trines between expansive Jupiter and contractive Saturn on July 17 and December 12 enable you to see the big picture, create strategies for success, and execute your plans so you can reach your goals.

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