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2014 Astrology Horoscopes

A great awakening

Astrology's two largest true planets shape our aspirations and accomplishments. One, visionary Jupiter, begins the year in the sensitive Water sign of Cancer, where ambitions, beliefs and truths come through our emotions.

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The other, karmic Saturn, spends virtually all of 2014 in fellow Water sign, Scorpio, which challenges us to look more deeply into our desires and to reevaluate our relationships. Answers we seek about career and life purpose are more likely to arise from instinct than intellect.

Major decisions need to feel right to ensure we're on the appropriate path. However, the tender nature of Water signs makes it possible to allow fear to undercut self-confidence and keep us from making important decisions. Considering the possible risks of our actions makes sense, but not when they deter us from seeking solutions and pressing ahead with our plans.

A bolder attitude emerges when generous Jupiter enters outgoing Leo on July 16. The planet of expansion's 12-month stay in this commanding Fire sign encourages creativity, self-expression and teaches us the meaning of life through love, play and children. Egos may be expanded during this transit, but if that's what it takes to fully tap into and show off our talents, it's worth the price.

Uranus square Pluto continues shaking things up

Profound personal and collective shifts continue in year three of the ongoing squares between revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto. These slow-moving planets began their series of seven challenging right angles in 2012, and they won't finish until March 2015.

This year they cross paths on April 21 and December 14, which can be critical periods of disturbance. Yet these planets also present opportunities for breakthroughs in institutions and individuals. Being flexible and open are the best ways to reduce stress and increase chances for making profound discoveries.

Jupiter participates in this process on January 31 when it opposes Pluto, and on February 26 during its square to Uranus. We may be wound up with nervous energy or caught in a downward spiral of mistrust that arouses questions about future plans.

Revolution is in the air

However, April 20 is potentially the most powerful part of the year as Jupiter repeats these aspects with both outer planets on the same day. Rising tides of revolution, rebellion, innovation and extremism may occur around this time. Fears and hopes can both be exaggerated in a volatile environment that might even spur natural disasters.

Still, the point is not to run and hide during potentially dangerous times. This is, rather, a period when minds awaken and ambitions are intensified to radically reshape our worlds. Being proactive is more likely to produce a desirable outcome than trying to duck this cosmic tsunami.

Heading in new romantic directions

2014 opens with love planet Venus backpedaling in serious Capricorn. Love may not flow very easily during this retrograde cycle. On January 31, however, sweet Venus stops in her tracks and will slowly start moving forward to take relationships, romance and resources in new directions. Allowing these patterns to play out slowly will produce better results than leaping into liaisons, investing money or making personal judgments impulsively.

On March 1, assertive Mars turns tail in diplomatic Libra, where it will be retrograde until May 19. The planet of initiative's reversal can cause delays that demand that we take a second look at where, how and with whom we commit our energies.

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