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Aquarius 2014 Horoscopes

Under pressure

You can find rewards in the workplace during the first half of the year, thanks to the presence of lucky Jupiter in your 6th House of Employment. You may get a better feel for a system or techniques that make you more comfortable and skillful at what you do. On a personal level, this transit suggests you can get closer with colleagues, making your job more pleasant. There are two intense periods when unfulfilled needs or lack of resources could trigger crises, though.

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Expansive Jupiter opposes potent Pluto on January 31 and April 20 to arouse strong emotions. If you're passionate about what you're doing, these are times when you can invest even more of yourself and become even more productive. But if you don't trust the people or the purpose of what you're doing, changes are called for.

Jupiter also forms a stressful square with electric Uranus on April 20 that can stir up feelings of restlessness and even rebellion. If you can bring something new and interesting to work, brilliant breakthroughs and sudden changes will create fresh opportunities. But if you're stuck in a routine situation with predictable tasks, you will need a more stimulating outlet to avoid making dangerous decisions.

Renegotiate your way through retrograde

Extra attention to details and communication is important when Mercury the messenger planet turns retrograde on February 6. It backpedals into your sign on February 12 and returns to forward gear on February 28. While complications are more common during this period, it is also a chance to double back and make needed financial and personal adjustments. Agreements can be renegotiated based on a different understanding than when they were originally made.

There's a significant transit that starts on July 16 when Jupiter enters brassy Leo and your 7th House of Partners for a 12-month stay. This lucky planet's shift into the top half of your chart is excellent for going public with a project, approaching others for their support and bringing more joy into personal relationships.

You might attract outgoing individuals whose passion could seem a little over-the-top to you at times. But this is more about heating you up with passion than cooling them down with logic so don't be afraid to take chances with people. Coming on strong to express your ideas and to put your heart into personal connections should be both fun and rewarding.

The heat is on

Serious Saturn in Scorpio occupies your 10th House of Career all year, putting more pressure on you at work. Don't spread yourself too thin, but try to maximize the return on your efforts by concentrating them where they are needed most. It's healthier for you to play the role of boss than to find yourself resenting someone else's control over you.

Being a more effective authority figure happens when you're able to assess tasks, resources and personalities to get the most out of them. You might need to reduce your desire to be seen as friendly and collegial if that's what it takes to push others harder. Full commitment can accomplish a great deal professionally, while trying to skim the surface is more likely to weaken your position.

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