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Capricorn 2014 Horoscopes

Make personal connections

Teamwork could be a make-or-break issue this year with your stern ruling planet Saturn occupying your 11th House of Groups all year. Making a greater commitment to cooperating with colleagues and allies is essential, but it's not something you can fake. If you believe in what you're all working for, then you won't have any problem giving it your all. But if the job or task doesn't have real value in your mind, getting along with others can be more difficult.

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Either way, a key to being a successful collaborator is to recognize the differences among your allies so you don't behave the same way with all of them. While the focus may be on accomplishing a goal, the human side of the story requires sensitivity and a greater understanding of others.

Expansive Jupiter begins 2014 in your 7th House of Partners, which is an additional reason why relationships are so important now. Opportunities in personal and professional partnerships come when you align yourself with the right people. Logic alone, however, will not tell the whole story because Jupiter is in emotional Cancer, where your inner feelings and instincts will teach you more than mere facts. Being tender and even showing some vulnerability makes you more desirable and capable of building rewarding connections.

Running into complications

Two potentially challenging periods are around January 31 and April 30, when ostensibly fortunate Jupiter runs into some complications. It opposes provocative Pluto to test your commitment to what you're doing. It can be frustrating to work with anyone who doesn't match your intensity. Power struggles and trust issues may arise, but it's better to have differences of opinions out in the open than to silently steam with resentment.

Jupiter also squares volatile Uranus on April 20, which really kicks up the intensity of your interactions and can threaten relationships. The way to make them work is to bring some fresh elements and ideas to keep interest and inspiration at a high level. Needing to raise the degree of engagement is important, as well, when Jupiter enters risk-taking Leo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on July 16. The following 12 months can be extremely rewarding in matters of intimacy, investment and business partnerships. Courage, confidence and creativities are essential ingredients for success.

Love in retrograde

Venus, the love planet, begins 2014 in reverse. She started her retrograde cycle in your sign on December 21, 2013 and turns forward again on January 31, 2014. Self-worth issues may arise with this reversal in your 1st House of Personality. Yet it also provides second chances to enhance your appearance, adjust your attitude and your ability to appreciate yourself.

Recognizing your own worth is what is takes to get others to see your value. Patiently untangling knots in relationships is a constructive way to use these six weeks, while finding faults in yourself and others is not particularly helpful. With alluring Venus in hard-working Capricorn, one of its lessons is that you will get what you deserve from people if you put in the effort to make the most of yourself. The rules and discipline you need do not have to be projected on others who require compassion and understanding, though.

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